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Ecosystem’s Services

Autokonto has created an integrated system where it is possible to offer the user high-value services which are not to be found anywhere else.

Integrating the advanced driver’s application, the system of employee benefits and internet sites of car dealers into a single comprehensive mechanism we are in the position to facilitate to our clients dealing with multiple matters related to financing and using cars.

Car Assistant

Vehicle care for all car drivers and owners.

For those who seek:

  • savings in car expenses
  • comfort in a daily car use
  • support of a caretaker in dealing with vehicle-related issues or individual resolution of a problem through just a few clicks

How to activate  the service?

  1. Download and install Autokonto application from Google Play or App Store. 
  2. Add your credit card details to provide a source of payment in the application.
  3. Enter your car’s details (if you have two or more vehicles, key in their details as well) to make it eligible for service. It is advisable to do it automatically  by scanning the AZTEC code which is to be found in the registration documents of your car.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions of the services.

What are the benefits?

You are granted use of a broad range of the application’s functionalities

  • you can pay for car parks and motorways, insure your car, claim damages, service it, purchase tires, finance new and used vehicles as well as sell them
  • owing to a build-in comparison engine you are certain that the offers you are presented with are the best

The application is designed for individual, independent use. However, should you need any assistance, you can always ask for support of your car’s Assistant – a caretaker who will help you to insure your car, arrange for service action and advise you which costs of a service plan are acceptable and which ones need to be rejected as excessive. The Assistant will also  deal with cash-free post-accident repairs and will make insurance claims on your behalf. 

You will speak to the Assistant by clicking the ”headphones” button.

You make a financial gain:

  • You are granted discounts on car repair costs
  • Following the Assistant’s advice, you will avoid unnecessary costs
  • You will be able to by tires at wholesale prices
  • If you should need to sell your car, your will receive the best financial offer from our dealers without ever having to leave your house  

Company Goodfellas

Exceptional purchasing conditions and car financing for corporate employees.

For those who seek:

  • Considerable savings while purchasing/financing a private car
  • Everyday comfort in using a car

How to activate the service?

  1. Download and install Autokonto application from Google Play or App Store
  2. Speak to your employer about Company Good Fellas service
  3. You can do it by using the ”share” function in the application’s menu
  4. When your employer activates the service – indicate a care you are interested in  
  5. You can do it in the application by scanning Autofidea’s QR code in the finance tab by clicking on ”Add to Company Goodfellas”
  6. You will be immediately informed when the special offer for the Company Goodfellas car is ready. You will receive financing including an exceptional discount

 Your gains?

  • You are granted access to discounts which are normally available only to large corporations
  • The Car Assistant service becomes available to you. It enables clients to take care of the car provided by Company Goodfellas

Car Change

A quick and smooth change of a car.

For those who seek:

A smart way of selling their own car and simultaneous financing of the next one

How to activate the service?

  1. Download and install Autokonto application from Google Play or App Store
  2. Use the ”Sell” tab to put your car on offer
  3. When you receive an offer for your old car you can add it to auto.przesiadka and the funds obtained from its sale will partially finance a contract for a new vehicle
  4. You can obtain the funds realised from selling your old car or use them for covering the costs of a new one, which will considerably lower your monthly instalments

Your gains:

  • Smooth transition from one vehicle to another
  • Optimum car price offers from dealers
  • Saving time – no need to deal with potential buyers

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