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About Us

It is our ambition to grant our clients access to the system which will meet all drivers’ needs related to a daily use of their cars, including insurace and financing, in a friendly and professional way.



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Autokonto is a mobile application which provides each driver with all necessary services – from motorways and parking fees payments, through car insurance and servicing, to post-accident repairs and selling our Clients’ cars on the secondary market.

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Benefidea is an employee benefit programme, owing to which an employee obtains a possibility of a flexible vehicle choice and gains access to numerous attractive rebates for privately-owned cars as well as financial products approved by their employer.

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Autofidea Service is an inventory of cars ready to be purchased through Autokonto application and through Benefidea employee benefits programme.
Due to integrating our application with the service managing employee benefits, our price offers for cars incorporate maximum rebates.

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Our Team

Jakub Kizielewicz

Sławomir Ciuńczyk

Krzysztof Wasilewski

Justyna Kołacka
Insurance and Financing

Marta Tylek
Benefit Products Manager

Dawid Przybył
Software Development

Rafał Brzeziński
Software Development


If you are fond of interesting projects and excited by novel solutions and their implementation, join our team. We would like Autokonto to be a place where new ideas and technologies meet our experience so as to create valuable services for our Clients.

For Investors

Autokonto is a unique ecosystem where it is possible to offer car users innovative financial services:

  • Autotonto application is a BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) tool for cars
  • Autokonto ecosystem is a marketplace for car-related financial services
  • Autokonto application is an advanced tool for each car driver/user

If you would like to be informed about the time of the next financing round by Autokonto – please contact us.

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    Autokonto sp. z o.o.
    ul. Mściwoja 9/5, 81-361 Gdynia


    Alchemia NEON, office 443
    Al. Grunwaldzka 413, 80-309 Gdańsk

    E-mail / Phone number

    +48 58 333 12 06

    Working hours

    Monday – Friday
    8.30 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.