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We are ready to enter into as partnership with business units operating in finance, insurance, car sales and servicing and electronic payment sectors. Autokonto is a platform where your products and services could meet our Clients .
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We facilitate taking advantage of various useful services that drivers need on a daily basis. Owing to the platform provided by Autokonto all users can have their needs catered for in a convenient and easy way. Our ecosystem enables drivers to access our own services as well as numerous service and sales offers by our partners.

Car servicing
Purchasing insurance policies
Parking fees payments
Purchasing tires
Selling and financing cars
Motorway fees payments

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    Autokonto sp. z o.o.
    ul. Mściwoja 9/5, 81-361 Gdynia


    Alchemia NEON, office 443
    Al. Grunwaldzka 413, 80-309 Gdańsk

    E-mail / Phone number
    +48 58 333 12 06

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    Monday- Friday
    8.30 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.